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Who Shouldn’t Get Vaccinated?

We are often asked about vaccines, and who should or shouldn’t get vaccinated. It’s important to note that BeesVAX offers a software app that is private (for you only) and allows you to manage all of your vaccines. We do not distribute medical advice, but we do pass along news stories and information that are in the general public. Always consult with your physician with questions you may have.
As it relates to vaccines and who should or should not take then, the CDC recommends many vaccines for most people, but some people shouldn’t receive certain vaccines. For instance, if you’re currently ill or if your immune system is weakened, you may not be able to receive certain vaccines safely. Some vaccines have other specific limitations. Be sure to tell your vaccine provider about your medical history so they can make sure a particular vaccine is right for you. Never rush to take medical actions without consulting with your primary physician or medical care facility.
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